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Sarah & Leonardo wedding at Bowdon Rooms

Sarah and Leonardo said their vows and celebrated the moment when their hearts grew to encompass the merging of two cultures, families, lives and hopes at Sale Town Hall. The reception was at The Bowdon Rooms with fantastic food and drinks. They hosted a stunning wedding filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

Sarah & Leo thank you for inviting me to document your first day as husband and wife. Much Appreciation and Love… M.

I wanted to share a handful of images from their big day and tell a bit more about their special day.

In Sarah & Leo's own words, here's their story, so take a look below, and enjoy.

How did you meet?

I and Leonardo met where we work at Manchester Airport, Giraffe back in 2017

Tell me more about your engagement, and when and how this happened?

We were engaged in September 2019, he took me to Miradouro Pico dos Barcelos, which is a viewpoint overlooking Funchal, Madeira.

How long did you plan your wedding?

Originally, we planned to be married in Madeira in 2021 but the universe had different plans. On New Year’s Day 2022, I said to Leo we should just throw caution to the wind and plan to be married in England, I gave Leonardo May, June, August and September written on 4 pieces of paper and said to choose one. He picked May, our original month for the Madeira wedding, and our wedding journey started there, giving us 4 months to plan. At this time, I had booked us in to view many venues all over Manchester, we had faced a lot of disappointment with choosing the date so close to the time.

What made you choose your wedding venue?

I came across The Bowdon Rooms online and contacted them for viewing. We had already gone to see one the day before and had another booked in after Bowdon, but even just the moment we both stepped into the building we knew whatever we had seen before or after that point was irrelevant. The Bowdon Rooms was our venue. By February, just a month after deciding to have an English wedding, our venue was locked in!

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

Our favourite part of the day was the cake cutting. Neither of us had a clue what we were doing, no idea which tier we were supposed to cut so we just stabbed the cake on top! And then Leonardo in his classic, but a very inappropriate sense of humour lifted the knife to his neck. Truly mortifying for me, and absolutely hilarious to him!

What was your first dance song?

Our first dance was A Música do Gago by Ruben Aguiar. The chorus of this song features my name, and Leonardo often plays it at home or at parties and sings it to me, I didn’t tell him I picked this song until that day.

Would you like to say a special thank you to somebody who helps you make your wedding day perfect?

In terms of special thank yous, everyone that joined us has been with us since day one, our most supportive friends and family. We do want to give special thanks to Filipe and Catia who were our witnesses/ padrinhos (godparents to the wedding). They are our closest friends and have shown us what real love and commitment are in the tough world we live in. We truly cannot express our gratitude enough to everyone, including yourself, the team at The Bowdon Rooms and the amazing Carolina who baked our cake.


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