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Catherine & Steven's wedding at Hoghton Tower in Preston, Lancashire

Catherine and Steven promised to stay true and hold hands as they age, memorizing the grooves and crevices on each finger. As husband and wife, they promised eternity and a day in their vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss at Hoghton Tower in Preston, Lancashire

The rest of the evening was spent popping, clinking, and cheering for what may have been the happiest couple in the world at that exact moment.

Catherine and Steven, I hope you’ve enjoyed your big day. You deserve the best and I’m beyond thrilled to call you my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love and Appreciation…M.

I wanted to share a handful of images from their big day and tell a bit more about their special day.

In Catherine & Steven's own words, here's their story, so take a look below, and enjoy.

How did you meet?

- We met through work, and just got to know each other more and more each day.

Tell me more about your engagement, and when and how this happened.

- Steve planned a surprise trip to Rome, and spent all weekend trying to find an opportunity to propose! We ended up doing an underground crypts and catacombs tour and walked over 80,000 steps over the day. Eventually, Steve thought “now or never” and asked if I would like to come back to Rome his wife! I, of course, said yes!

How long did you plan your wedding?

- We initially got engaged in 2017, thinking we might get married a year or so later. By the time we had started seriously planning and arranging things for 2020, of course, COVID hit and our plans went awry! We had to move our wedding date 3 times before we were able to tie the knot, at a restricted ceremony with only 13 guests. We finally had our celebration on 1 October 2022!

What made you choose your wedding venue?

- Steve arranged for us to go on a ghost walk at Hoghton Tower on Valentine's Day. We have been in love with the place ever since, and it seemed perfect for us as a couple to celebrate our big day.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

- It is so hard to choose! We adored every second of it! But some highlights have to include the 9 layers of Hell wedding cake based on Dante’s Inferno, the fire performers in the courtyard, and of course the phenomenal atmosphere in the evening celebrations, finally being able to celebrate with all of our friends and family.

What was your first dance song?

- Elvis Presley- Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Would you like to say a special thank you to somebody who helps you make your wedding day perfect?

- Everyone who was a part of the day; both this time and on our wedding day on 4 November 2020. Friends, family, venue staff, the cake maker, photographer, celebrants, registrar, caterers, DJ...

With such a long, uncertain and tumultuous process to finally get the wedding, we have wished for so long. Everyone has been so supportive and bent over backwards to accommodate all the changes. It has shown us such a beautiful side to people, both close friends and near strangers. It has made the whole experience so must more powerful, meaningful and totally unforgettable.

Catherine and Steven's wedding day was one of the most special days for them and I am so lucky to have witnessed and documented the good vibe there. Also, please check out the photographs from their engagement session.


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