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Engagement (couple) photo session in Manchester.

Many times clients ask me, what is an engagement session?

Engagement/ couple photo session is a portrait photo shoot of you and your partner.

Why should you book your engagement shoot? There are many reasons to take engagement photos. As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding.

I offer FREE engagement photos for couples who booked wedding photography with me.Engagement shoot lets your photographer get to know YOU. Not only is it good practice for you, it’s also a great trial run for your photographer. It’s a great time to learn about your love story, chat about your wedding plans, and push to see how affectionate you can get in front of the camera. You’ll be able to communicate what you like and don’t like, as well as your preference for angles, expressions, lighting, and editing styles. All this will allow me to tailor the photos to make your images more personal and memorable.

Additionally, the engagement photo session is a chance for the bride and groom to experience a professional photo shoot in their own element and show their love and affection for one another in a much less formal setting and manor. We can shoot where you first met, shared your first kiss, a place you like to go on dates, where he proposed, or be even more creative and do something along a theme that is meaningful to you as a couple.

What if you don't plan your wedding yet but you would like to have stunning photos of you both? That's absolutely fine, you don't have to book your wedding photos with me to get your engagement shoot!

Sarina and Shawn came to England for their holiday and they ask me to take engagement photos. I feel so lucky I had a chance to photograph this beautiful couple in their old traditional clothing from Shanghai. They came to England for engagement trip and stayed in Manchester only for one day. I wanted to share a handful of images from this photo shoot, so take a look below, and enjoy :)

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