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What to wear for photo shoot?


Trying to decide what to wear for your photo shoot can seem like a trying and daunting task. Ultimately you want to stay true to your and your family’s unique “look” and personality, but there are a few tricks and tips you can follow to allow your clothes to really add a new dimension to your photos and take them to another level.

The Dos:

– Neutral colors (grey, beige, tan, white etc.) look classy and timeless and never go out of style.

– Make use of textured fabrics (like lace, denim, or suede) to add an interesting visual element to your photos.

– Do try to avoid styles that will become quickly outdated.

– Make use of accessories, such as hats, headbands, scarves, and jackets to really add to your look.

– When dressing a younger baby (a few months old), avoid clothing that might “swamp” them. Stick to simple, somewhat tight clothes like a cute, funky onesie or romper or cool, colourful nappy covers.

– A fun little tutu makes a great accessory for little girls. Flowing tulle skirts or other items made of similar material can add a wonderful sense of movement to your images.

The Donts:

– Don’t make your clothes too matchy-matchy and avoid all-white or all-black combos. Instead, try to find outfits that compliment each other in both colour and design.

– Avoid clothes with logos/characters or loud patterns. They act as distractions and draw the viewer’s eyes away from the photo’s main subject– you!

-Don’t forget about your shoes!! They will also be showcased in your photos. Boots, for example, look great with many different outfit combos (jeans, leggings, skirts, etc.) and can really tie your family’s outfits together. Avoid trainers, crocs, and white socks.

-Avoid distracting hair accessories. If you don’t want to wear your hair down, a simple bobby pin can work very well.

– Avoid wearing watches and sunglasses, and please do not keep your mobile phone in your pocket during the shoot (it creates strange line patterns on your trousers)!


– Nude is best for baby.

– For Mum: a black or white tank-top/vest, short-sleeved shirt, or tube-top is best. Keep it simple, avoid patterns or logos.

– For Dad: a simple black or white T-shirt (without logos or patterns). For dads who are comfortable going topless, I would urge you to do so– these skin-to-skin images are a wonderful way to show the bond between dad and baby.


If you have any fun or important family items (like a favourite toy or blanket, for example) that you would like to incorporate into your shoot, please feel free to bring them along!

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