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What to expect from your newborn baby photo shoot

You’ve done your research and booked your newborn photography session or not yet ( don't be late, it can only be done before babies reach 14 days of age) but I suspect you are probably wondering what happens at these type of sessions, so here is a little more info to hopefully answer any questions you may have about a newborn photography session with me.

newborn baby photo

How do I prepare my baby for the shoot?

On the morning of the shoot, it’s preferable to try and keep baby awake as long as possible. A bath and lots of play is always good stimulation. Feed your baby 2-3 hours before the shoot. This will (hopefully) mean that baby will be ready for a feed shortly after arriving at the studio, which will equal a satiated, comfortable baby.

What do I need for the session?

You don't need to bring anything for a photo shoot, I have all props and accessories we will need during a photo session.

If however there is a special toy or item that you would like included in the session please do let me know. The final images are yours to enjoy and I want to make them as personal to you and your family as possible.

Bring a dummy if you use one, as they really do help to settle babies during the shoot.

How long does a newborn photography session take?

A session can take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. I am completely guided by baby and they are in charge! If baby needs a feed, settle, wind etc, we stop and ensure that he/she is completely comfortable before we start again. Most of my sessions take about 2 hours, but as I only book one newborn session per day there is no rush. It takes as long as it takes to ensure I have a selection of images you will love.

What if my baby cries or is unsettled?

There is a chance your baby may cry. I don’t smell familiar like Mummy and Daddy, and their sleep is slightly disturbed when I move and pose them. Rest assured I will never continue if your baby is distressed but I can generally placate a baby quite quickly and can read the signs if they are just grumbling at me or if they need some settling. Sometimes they just need a cuddle! Not all babies are the same. Some drop off to sleep in 5 minutes, so take a little longer. It will also depend on their age and if they are approaching a growth spurt.

What should I wear?

I generally advise Mum and Dad to wear white or black tops and preferably without any logos on them. Depending on Dad’s comfort level, it is lovely to photograph a newborn against bare skin, especially if Daddy has a nice tattoo.

I also have lovely soft fabrics and wraps that we can use for the Mum and baby poses.

If there is anything else you would like to know or have any questions or concerns, please do contact me. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have. Check newborn gallery

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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