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Becki and Phil: Wedding at Stamford Golf Club

Becki and Phil promised to stay true and hold hands as they age, memorizing the grooves and crevices on each finger. As husband and wife, they promised eternity and a day in their vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss at St. Marys Church in Hollingworth.

The rest of the evening was spent popping, clinking, and cheering to what may have been the happiest couple in the world at that exact moment. The earth paused on its axis, with just enough time to Becki and Phil to realize that, yes, their day was nothing short of perfection.

wedding photo at Stamford Golf club

Reception was held at Stamford Golf Club, they hosted a stunning wedding filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

Becki and Phil, I hope you’ve enjoyed your big day. You deserve the best and I’m beyond thrilled to call you my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much Love and Appreciation…M.

In Becki and Phil's own words, here's their story.

How did you meet?

We met in the hair dressers becki worked at in broadbottom called the hair gallery. I went in with my friend as his girlfriend worked there as well and Becki was mopping up and she dropped the mop and ran into the other room and my mate and his girlfriend at the time arranged for all to go out later that evening and the rest is history.

How long did you plan your wedding?

We planned the wedding for 11 months but we had built up ideas for a couple of years.

What made you choose Stamford Golf Club your wedding venue?

We chose Stamford because of the great scenery the friendly and really helpful staff and we had researched it online.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

It's really difficult to choose a favourite part of the day but we are both in agreement that the church service was probably it.

What was your first dance song?

Our dance song was James Morrisons- Won't let you go.

Would you like to say special thank you to somebody who helps you make your wedding day perfect?

We would love to thank everyone involved including yourself, our parents, Stamford golf club, St Mary's church Hollingworth, the bridal party, best men, our two wonderful children, Tim Nudds, Gail Oats, Broadoak Cars, Steve Kenny(dj). Enchanted florists Glossop and the Hayloft Angels for make up.

Becki and Phil's wedding day was one of the most special days for them and I am so lucky to have witnessed and documented the good vibe there. Also, please check out the photographs from their engagement session at Deansgate - Castlefield

engagement photo session in Manchester


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